Innovation Management

Challenges in Innovation

Innovation is the life blood of thriving and growing businesses. Inherently innovation requires the right mindset, the right processes / framework, the right support in an organization for innovation to thrive.

Information gathering, collaboration, fluid information sharing, knowledge discovery and synthesis are becoming increasingly difficult to deal with due to the explosion of information sources, the crowdsourcing of many elements of the innovation lifecycle, the continued isolation of knowledge in individual islands in an organization and rapid loss of tacit knowledge as a consequence.

The Solution

The Zakta Social Intelligence Platform is ideally suited to power various phases of the entire innovation lifecycle. Whether it is information research, or ideation, or open innovation, or product development, or launch, Zakta’s collaborative search space is a unique technology that can boost productivity, enhance knowledge discovery and sharing, and help deliver innovations faster.

The Zakta Social Intelligence Platform enables you to deliver cutting edge collaborative search and curation capabilities in your application, that in turn, will let your clients leverage the collective work and intelligence of their users and ecosystems for boosting innovation productivity.

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"Collaborative Search is a brilliant idea, executed well by Zakta."
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