Marketing Research

We live in a "Big Content" world, one in which online and social media content continues to explode, impacting many aspects of a business. Zakta helps you research the web and social media visually with ease. Visually search the Web, YouTube, over 80,000 news sources, 10s of millions of blogs, millions of discussion forums, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and save valuable time.

Innovation Management

Information gathering, collaboration, fluid information sharing, knowledge discovery and synthesis are becoming increasingly difficult to deal with due to the explosion of information sources, the crowdsourcing of many elements of the innovation lifecycle, the continued isolation of knowledge in individual islands in an organization and rapid loss of tacit knowledge from a retiring workforce. Zakta can help solve these challenges in innovation management today.

Research and Development

The information universe relevant for a researcher or product developer is growing at an incredible pace, resulting in information overload as well as inefficiencies in searching and analyzing information, which in turn lowers innovation productivity and reduced innovation. Zakta can help boost research productivity and accelerate innovation today.


eProcurement organizations need a universal search across their entire base of suppliers, real-time collaboration between buyers and suppliers, timely intelligence on risk signals on suppliers. Zakta can help deliver on these needs as well many other innovations for eProcurement.

Social Learning

Educators are faced with the need to support social learning, collaborative work, as well as learning anywhere at any time, for their students. Zakta can help deliver on the promise and potential of social learning today.

Solutions for Other Markets

Zakta's Social Intelligence Platform can help power solutions in Legal E-Discovery, Library Information Research, Online Shopping, Patent / IP Research, Travel, Wedding Planning and more.

"Collaborative Search is a brilliant idea, executed well by Zakta."
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